Digital Media [ / ] HALF CHECK!


My Digital Media is just finished as well. All I need to do now is to burn it to a DVD and write a 500 ord document and key concepts, aspects, styles and so on.

Here it is, enjoy!

Animation and Motion Graphics [ X ] CHECK!


So lately I have been in a mental STUDY COMA!!!
Going through hard-drive breaking, loosing data, eating $0.60 noodles and having migraine..
The deadline for my Animation and Motion Graphics project is due today and guess what?

Here it is, rendered, uploaded and submitted!


Time for a update!

So.. I havn't updated since Fraser Island, you know that very nice shocking story?

This is because I want to keep some of my life private and also interesting.

September arrived shortly after Boat Day, and so did lots of presentations and uni-work.
I had to analyze a cat power music video for Digital Media, present my logo and advertisement for Visual Communication, submit all animations for Drawing for Animations and present my concept for Animation and Motion Graphics. That was a tough week. But I got very good mark on all (except Animation & Motion Graphics cos' we haven't recieved them yet.)

After that week I went to Manly NSW to visit my wonderfull cousins and funny relatives! I had a great week surfing, meeting an old crush, playing with my cousins and watching lots and lots of "footie" aka rugby.

Coming back to reality / Brisbane / QUT.. was a punch in the face when I realized how much work I have to do before November..
21 Oct - Animation & Motion Graphics, 2 min animation must be 100% DONE and submitted!
24 Oct - Digital Media, 4 min video & 500 word doc DONE and submitted!
27 Oct - Drawing for Animation, ~7 animated drawings DONE and submitted!
2 Nov - Visual Communication, Infographic sheet and package design DONE and submitted!

Time to hibernate, but study instead of sleep!

Take care my loved ones and hug the next person you see!

ps I still love it here and might stay..


Amazing Video of the Perfect Day on Fraser Island

This video is put together by Ross Cole-Hunter, it is AMAZING!!!!

WARNING: Contains explicit language and alcoholic beverages.


Fraser Island Pictures

Our boat when stranded.. And almost a dubble rainbow, magical!

One out of 3 stranded boats!

I got to be a Captain!

A try to do some snorkeling

Sun dipping into the horizon.

2 out of 3 boats, still floating and looking amazing!
"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Ghandi

Looks like Heaven.

Cred: Some Photos are taken by : http://www.facebook.com/PEKOiSM


Fraser Island - Extreme Adventure

Hey everyone.
This post will be about winning over a raging ocean.
So this is pretty much what happened;

Wedneday morning I decided to join an event called Boat Day, I didn't really know what it was but I knew that we were going to go on a boat trip only paying for the petrol, how great opportunity is that? Being a yesman I had to go.
I got picked up at around 8.30 am. It was about a 4h drive to Hervey Bay Harbour where our boats were awaiting. Boats that where big and luxury, vip life haha!
We cruised out about an hour, seeing whales, dolphins and the sunset.
We anchored and had a beachfire and some games.
Thursday morning we carried on cruising the Pacific and went in to Wootoomba bay to anchor. What a beautiful place. Crystal clear blue waters allowing you to see fish, stingrays and turtles.
We had a swim and Risa and I had a bath-tub party on a boat to warm up after the cold swim. Some one brought along beach cricket and we played an awesome game! Afterwards we all made ourselves some dinner before the evenings campfire and games.
Friday, the most perfect day in the most perfect place. We took the dingys over to a little private beach and chilled out, some were sunbathing, some were fishing and we went for a walk and saw a Dingo and a turle on our way back to the boat. We jumped into the water from the boats upper balcony and all had a sweet time. Thereafter we went to 'the hippies' campfire place and it was still smoking. The girls Jess, Risa and I decided it was ladies night and used the glowing piece if wood to wake the fire again. After putting in some bark, moss and dry grass my lungpower got a flame going. magic moment.
After dinner we went back to our fire and waited for or next boatload of people, including my friend Maria. During the guide throu to our bay their boat got 'beach-ass bru' aka stranded.
They finally made it over to our fire in dingys and I was glad to see Maria again.
We called it a night pretty soon after that to have a energetic Saturday.
Saturday, Maria and I put lemon in our hair to bleach it 'naturally' in the sunlight. and risa sat with us and we where going through a cosmo.
Some of the guys were using the dingys alot, so we were kinda stuck on our boat doing nothing, but then finally we got one working and went on a adventure. We took some nice photos and went hunting for nice driftwood. It was another night at the campfire but it started raining so we all headed to the big boat. Not much happened there so we decided to go to bed.
Sunday, the day to dig out and tow a the stranded boat. That plan failed.. We decided to leave them and take the non-stranded boats back. That was the plan until out boat got stuck in a sandbank. We couldn't get out at all. Since the tide was going out we had to wait 12 hours until the next hightide. It was windy and rainy and for the first time, very bitter weather. Maria and Ross decided to walk over during low tide to the other stranded boat to use somebodys phone (since we've had no reception for the past 6 days). They did and another fail. he had dropped his phone into the great big ocean so it was broken. When Ross and Maria got back they said they had to run because a big lightning and thunder storm had just begun. And being at sea is the worst place to be. When I heard this I stopped breathing and tried as hard as I could to not panik. Having a massive thunderstorm right over my head did not help me sleep. In the middle of the night one of the hippes drove over to the big boat and gave them petrol for the dingy (since both of them where completely out) The plan was to leave at 2 am but failed aswell since the dingy did not start. The axciety and fear was to deep the was hardly any sleep this night. It was terrible, completely terrible.
Monday morning came. The new plan was to get everyone over to the big boat and leave the 2 stranded ones so we could go back to our lifes with jobs and university. We packed up and cleaned as good as we could and JUST got over to the other boat in the dingy. The dingys petrol was all out 3 metres from the big boat, luckily we could paddle that distance.
While hoisting the dingy up to the top of the boat, Chris fell man over board and landed on his back on the half hoisted dingy. That was a very scary moment since he could have hit his head really really hard and bad. The crane was now broken which led to that we couldn't go back full speed since the dingy was being dragged behind us.
The 3h boat ride back in a storm was not the cherry on the top. The ocean was rough and the wind was hard. Mitch told us that there was a risk of tipping over. The last hour of the ride was like sitting in front of a rollor coaster, thats what I was focusing on then but in reality it was horrible. the waves were massive and this boat, being high, wasn't the best boat to drive in these conditions. At some points I was seriously scared of being tipped over.

As soon as we got throu to the habour our hearts were all dancing of happiness and we made it! WE MADE IT!

It was a great adventure and I learnt alot. It wasn't all bad since I got to see dolphins, whales, dingos, turtles, stingrays, fish, naked hippies, made fire without lighter, beach-cricket, enjoying paradise, seing sunsets on the horizon, making new friends, fun games, rainbows, and appreciating coming back home to my girls and getting lots of hugs and comfort.

I'm so glad to be alive.

Now: I need to catch up in school and pictures are coming, I promise.


My email is sending spam

Hey guys!

My emails has been hacked and has been spending spam, sorry about that.
No sneeky advertisment here..

Have a terrific day!

(by the way, I've been without internet for the past couple of days. be patient for updates..)


My babies bought at Surfers Paradise - Gold Coast

My weekend was spent on the Gold Coast together with the some other exchange student kids.
The trip to the coast was super cheap and I have a feeling I'll be hanging there heaps. We stayed at Australia's second best hostel for July 2011 - Surf 'n sun beachside. It was cool and really chilled out!

Anyways, about my babies;

Element longboard The Teardrop - limited edition. A beauty I got have price (= $140)

My first surfboard; 7,2 minimal with leash, boardbag and wax ($305)
It is as good as new and I surfed it and it's my new soulmate!


Comparing Academic levels

I must say I like the academic system on this side. It feels more serious, the grading scale is from 1-7, 7 being the best. which leads to more motivation and ambition. I also like having 4 different courses at the same time instead of one, even though I guess the stress factor (if you have one) will rise. This doesn't make me stress out though, it makes me want to organize and straight out my priorities better.
The assesments I have will be piling up in October but I believe in making a strict schedual now already and stay to it I could get weekends off to travel this amazing country. and SURF!


It's a long way to the top!

I'm the one on top, rock climbing Kangaroo Point Cliffs.
The best of fun!


Straddie Island Dream Camp! - a place with magic moments.

This has to be the most AMAZING weekend of my life! Going to a sunny sandy island to live the dream for 3 days. We stayed at Anchorage Beach Resort which was located right on the beach!

My groups first activity was "Free Time!" I got the group to play some beach cricket even though no-one new the rules, but we just hit the ball and ran like mad and had a lot of fun! We also saw (I think) whales. After that I went for a run along the long sandy beach. During sundown. It was magical and I kept on thinking to myself how lucky I am to be here. How great it feels to have accomplished getting to Australia, getting here. And that I am finally doing something for me. This is for me, I kept on thinking while running. No one else can do this for you or take this away from you, it's all me.

We were welcomed by a group of Aboriginies who danced and sang songs to the earth and nature. Later on the QUT staff had organized a Beach Party with camp fires and music. And you got a chance to talk and dance with the cuties you've secretly been checking out. But I was to busy watching all the shooting stars than flirting! hah

Day 2 offered morning swim in the cristal clear ocean, a magnicificant hike/walk to see the beautiness of the world, - Long sandy beaches, rough waves pounding on cliffs, calm cristal clear water and dolphins.
The days second activity was kayaking. Since the ocean was so rough at the moment we had to wait to go to Amity point. The water was calm and I shared a kayak with the most funny danish guy you'll ever meet! The group paddled through a peaceful path between water growing trees which led us to eucaliptus trees, and the leader told us that it's very special to see a living eucaliptus tree in salt water.

As we paddled back we were accompanied by dolphins. And the curious person in my kayak got us up real close to one. Another magic moment.

Later on we all joined to trivia night, got devided into groups to compete about who had the most knowledge about Australia, and who do you think won? My group "The Dropbears" and tied place with someone else.
The rest of the night offered a preparty with fun games, a visit to the local pub and an afterparty on the beach.

Day 3, the day I FINALLY got to go surfing!!!!! And I got up on my first wave. It felt mindblowingly wonderful to be back in the water and still know my stuff! I managed to get lots of sweet waves and I loved every second of it including wipeouts and wave punchs.

Sneakpeak until I find my Camera Chord...:

Molly a real nice girl from the US made a awesome 2 min video from this weekend, check it out and give her some nice feedback! (It is not my video and I am not in it, but I was there and shared the same enjoyment and excitment)


My SWEET weekend!

Island Dreaming Camp @ North Stradbroke Island

Kookaburra River Queen Cruise

Yesterday was a great day!

I went to orientation, got free pizza, t-shirts and other free stuff! YEAH!

Afterwards I headed home to get dressed for the River Cruise. Yes, it was that fancy. A cruise with dinner and music on an old paddlewheeler (I think it's called that) with all the other exchange students.

I really advice you other exchange students, students, or ni fact everybody do just do it! Cease the opportunities that are handed to you, you'll miss out big time if you don't!

If you click on this picture of me and Billy from the US, you can see the boat.

Billy, Chris and Me!


Picture Time pt 2

pic 1. My favourite tree before a bird pooped on me..
pic 2. The perfect label if you want me to buy something.
pic 3. I'm pretty sure this is the Kookaburra River Queen, the boat I'm cruising on tomorrow!
pic 4. Happy me! I haven't shed a tear yet! I feel like my life is turning to the right direction and towards it's destiny.

Picture time pt 1

pic 1. I forgot to tell you I was invited to assist and model at a photo shoot with Tyler and Mike!
pic 2. Brisbane building from citycat ferry
pic 3. People live right on the river and have boats in their 'drive way'.
pic 4. The girl with no worries

One Week in Brisvegas!

So what has been happening in the life of Ms Button?
Answer: A lot!

Friday night I spoilt myself by not going out to meet people but to stay in and get my eat and sleep cycle up and running again.

On Saturday though I attended two parties -Alice in Wonderland party & 90's theme.
I had my onepiece on and went as the Caterpillar and then as the song "Blue Da Be Dee Da" from '99. I met heaps of nice people and enjoyed myself bigtime!

Sunday finally came and it was finally time to move in to the house!

On Monday I went to the orientation stuff at QUT, it feels really nice to get welcomed to Brisbane. I met two guys, Billy and Chris from the US at the 'New to Brisbane' session.

The best part about being alone and independent though out this is that it makes me so much more ambitious to meet more people, socialize and get involved.

Yesterday I also got to move in my stuff into my new room and unpack. That was a gooood feeling I tell ya! Then I helped my roomie Em with planning a romantic weekend with her boyfriend. WEHEARTIT is the most inspiring website in the world by the way.

Today I went to the manditory "Exchange Students Orientation" session and got loads of great information, got to meet all the other exchange students, entered competitions and really enjoyed myself. I love freebies! And I finally got my hands on a student diary, so now I'm all organized with dates.

When I got "home" Kate, Cat and I had amazingly yummy chai (made by Kate) and popcorn and "cozy-time" listening to some of their music. I did tell you I live with music geniuses right?
It's really inspiring! Then Em gave me a rose after we had a little talk about boys breaking hearts.. **

Here is Cat's band: Oh Ye Denver Birds;

And here is Kate in her old band Ivy May Dillon;

I love you more when I’m missing you
That’s why I’m always away.


Holy-Moly Me-Oh-My

and yes, it is a house! the most awesomest house!

another plus it is super-close to my school!

Checking out the City!

Time to update you again!

Yesterday I checked things off my list, the best feeling by the way!
Things such as;

*QUT ID card, bus card, emailing the bank, accommodation and so on!

Mike(the superduper nice and crazy guy "taking care" of me) and I took a ferry to city to walk around campus and to do some sightseeing.
Then at 5.30 pm I was going to meet another of Anna's friends, Kevin. It felt like a blind date or whatever when you've been talking to someone on the internet for a while and then meet for the first time. But I started with a little prank and then it all went good! Kevin took me to a cool $3 a drink before 7pm place and then we headed to Cartel, where Kate was having her gig!

She is supertalented and it was nice to be there and support her music.

Afterwards Kevin and I ended up at Ric's Bar where I met some of his friends. We had a really good time and they took me to an old cinema with no chairs to have some fun. It was really cool!

Did you know that they fine you for thowing cigarette but on the ground? That is super good!

Picture time!

In Brisbane you travel alot by ferry. Took myself a ferry-ride today and yesterday! Did you know the river that goes through Brisbane has a lot of sharks swimming around?

Checked out Gardens Point, QUT

One of Brisbanes bridges.

Kate invited us to a gig, she is awesome and it was really cool!!

A nice view to wake up to!


Arrived Alive!

Update Deluxe:
The flight went good! No tears or fears. I think that depends on the fact that I've been waiting for this for like 7 years now and it finally happened!
The last 6 hours on the plane though where tough.. I could hardly sleep and it was a bit bumpy..
At Brisbane Airport I was worried I wouldn't get through costums since I only had a ticket in to Australia and not out. But my aunt/godmother/best friend said just smile and charm them and they'll let you pass. And so they did!

I met up with QUT's airport reception and they took me took Base Brisbane Central (Backpackers). I had a shower and then had to wait until 1 pm to check in to the room. (I was there at 8 am, so a long wait for someone very jet lagged.. )

I took a stroll around and signed up at ANZ bank and got a new sim card for my phone. My Australien number is +61 434970934. I almost fainted while buying a pasterie so I hurried back to the hostel to chill out in the tv room. I watched Austin Powers with the "backpacker gang" and then finally I got my room and took a 2 hour nap.

When I woke up I got invited by Mike (one of Annas' friends) to a barbeque/fundraiser. Being a yes man I accepted even though my extreme jet lag. It was awesome, I met really cool people and got offered 2 accommodations. Going there was a reeeally good idea!

I was interviewed by Kate (one of the people who offered me a place to stay at the 'barbie') and her room-mates yesterday. The place and the girls are perfect and I'm crossing all of my fingers to get it! please please please!!


Goodbye Home!

I have a place to rest

I booked a room for a night at http://www.stayatbase.com/base-brisbane-embassy-hostel/
it feels safe to have that fixed as well. A place to rest and get back on my feet to hunt for accommodation.